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Grip Bar Anchors hold firm on Guernsey Lighthouse

Stainless UK has supplied marine grade stainless steel Grip Bar anchors and reinforcing bar to local contractor Geomarine for use in repair work to the landing steps at Les Hanois Lighthouse off the channel island of Guernsey.

 Les Hanois Lighthouse stands 33m high and is situated off the islands south west coast. Opened in 1862 and built from Cornish granite to a new design by James Douglass, the lighthouse was constructed to warn shipping of the dangerous shoals and reefs which form the Les Hanois group of rocks. Operated by Trinity House, the flashing light can be seen from a distance of 20 miles.

 Key to the work was the stabilisation of the steps with the use of 24mm Grip Bar stainless steel anchors which were grouted into holes drilled into the rock and secured with circular stainless steel end plates. Stainless steel ribbed bar was also used to reinforce the repair work carried out to the steps. All the stainless steel used was marine grade 316, specified to ensure a long working life in this challenging environment.

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