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Grip-Bar Anchors Used for Cliff Stabilisation at Ilfracombe Harbour

Stainless UK have supplied over 800 Grip-Bar stainless steel anchor bars for use in cliff stabilisation works carried out at Ilfracombe Cove near the fishing towns harbour in North Devon.

Dating back to the 10th Century, Ilfracombe Harbour remains popular today with both local fishermen and boat owners. To maintain the safety of those using the harbour below, stabilisation work on the cliff side to the rear of The Cove has taken place. This involved firstly stripping back the vegetation on the cliff face and then installing rock anchors and rock netting.

To stabilise the cliff Stainless UK has supplied over 800 of their 20mm and 24mm Grip-Bar stainless steel anchor bars in lengths from 1.5m to 3m complete with 8mm thick end plates and fixings. These are being used to reinforce the rock and fix the rock netting to the cliff face. Manufactured from marine Grade 316 stainless steel, the Grip-Bar system is designed to give a long service life in a harsh environment.

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