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Grip Bar - Holding On To History At The Acropolis

Stainless UK has supplied stainless steel Grip Bar rock anchors to stabilize the upstream rock slope of the Klepsydra Spring House on the north face of the Acropolis in Athens as part of a major restoration project of this world heritage site.

The spring that supplies water to the Klepsydra was first known in Neolithic times with the spring house being built in 460 BC. The Klepsydra was used as a cistern to collect rainwater pouring down the Acropolis slopes. The water flowing down the hill entered through a hole in the middle of the cave and was collected in a central basin. From here the water could be drawn as required.

As part of the stabilization work, Stainless UK has supplied through geotechnical distributor Elebor, Grade 316 stainless steel 16mm Grip Bar rock anchors in lengths of up to 6m. The anchors were fixed into the rock using resin capsules. Stainless steel end plates for the bars have also been manufactured and supplied for the project.

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