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Grip-Bar used in Hastings Rock Slope Remedial Works

Stainless UK have supplied Grade 316 stainless steel Grip-Bar to help form mini piles as part of major rock slope remedial works at Hastings. The work to install a rock catch fence was carried out below historic Hastings Castle with the barrier required to protect the public highway and access along Rock-a-Nore road.

Following earlier work in the same location, the work was carried out as part of Hastings Borough Councils ongoing risk management of the cliffs area.

In addition to removing loose areas of rock and stabilising existing masonry a major part of the works involved the installation of an 85m long x 3m high rock catch fence. The 500kJ capacity fence was designed and certified to Swiss guidelines. The fence posts are secured to pairs of mini piles with tension anchors with a third anchorage placed up-slope to attach the restraining cables.

The mini piles are formed on 100mm drill holes with stainless steel Grip-Bar anchors grouted into the rock face. With the extreme difficulties in working on the site, often involving rope access teams it was important to for the contractors to be using an easy to work with material such as Grip-Bar when forming the piles.


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